Francesca’s Word Salad, Brandon Follett and Russell Arnott at the Bridge Street Inn

Francesca’s Word Salad performs, ‘Polly’s Birds.”

Russell is a much better videographer.  I chose this video taken several days after the Bridge Street Inn show instead of using my own footage.

Brandon Follett performs, “What’s that You Say Nose?”

Russell Arnott explains why, “The Best Animal Ever is an Octopus.”

The March 4 show at the Bridge Street Inn was a success.  Francesca’s Word Salad wowed the crowd with her beautiful voice and funny provocative lyrics.  Russell Arnott kept the crowd entertained with his octopus slide show and knowledge.  Brandon Follett reminded folks their food should always have fun before being eaten with his catchy Run Run Pig lyrics.

Enjoy more of the wonderful Frencesca’s Word Salad and purchase her music:

Francesca’s Word Salad on Facebook

Francesca’s Word Salad on Bandcamp

Help Russell Arnott and Incredible Oceans spread the good word about our watery planet:

Incredible Oceans

Check out more of Brandon Follett under the name of Veronica and the Mental Foreplays:

Run Run Pig Run Run ep

Mechanistic Lover lp

Press Release for the Show

Fun at the Bridge Street Inn tonight 7pm to 9pm this March 4. Francesca’s Word Salad will perform her mix of catchy off beat anti folk songs.  She is passing through Cambria on her way to South by South West in Austin, TX.  Brandon Follett recently returned from the desert.  He will perform a set list that only the spirit of Gram Parson’s has heard till tonight.  Russell Arnott  will open with a talk entitled, “The Best Animal Ever (Hint: It’s an Octopus). Usually Russell, Brings Oceans into the Classroom through the organization Incredible Oceans.  Tonight he’ll bring Oceans into the Bridge Street Inn.

Photos of the Room 8 where Gram Parson’s spirit lives and the Joshua Tree Inn:

Click here to stay in Room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn.


Soviet Hippies at the Bridge Street Inn

At The Bridge Street Inn I had the pleasure of enjoying muesli and coffee with Terje Toomistu Cece, the director, and Liis Lepik the producer, of Soviet Hippies. Support their film by rocking out to the sounds from the Soviet Underground by clicking on the link

Soviet Hippies director producer - 1

Liis Lepik the producer and Terje Toomistu Cece, the director, of Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies flier - 1

Soviet Hippies on the wall at Bridge Street Inn


Hermit Music Festival poster arrives at the Bridge Street Inn

When a package from Ava Honey arrives at the Bridge Street Inn there can only be something special inside. Inside an Amy Chen, Hermit Music Festival, poster. Thank you Ava and Amy.   Enjoy more of  Amy’s art at

Bridge Street Inn host gets a Haircut

Bridge Street Inn guest gives her host a stylish new look. Thank you Stephanie Radford. Check out more of Stephanie’s hair adventures at Stayradhair on Instagram.

Bridge Street Inn presents Records and Rye

The first annual records and rye party was a success. We celebrated the music of 2017 with vinyl and whiskey. Some of the highlights was the remastered 50th anniversary Sgt. Pepper Beatles record and the new LCD Soundsystem record. We honored Jessi Zazu formerly of Those Darlins and Chris Cornell formerly of Soundgarden and Audioslave. There was also an open mic period where guests shared vinyl favorites not necessarily released in 2017 but albums that helped make the year special. One record was the Star Wars soundtrack played in honor of Carrie Fischer. The Bridge Street Inn looks forwards to discovering the tunes of 2018.


Records and Rye. 2017 was a amazing year for music. To ring in 2018 the Bridge Street Inn will be hosting a 2017 record listening party. Two of the records we will be listening to made the KEXP top 10. Plus a never before opened Beatles 50th anniversary edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Together we will discover the contents of the Beatles record. Music lovers are encouraged to bring their favorite 2017 release or anniversary edition records. Those who bring a record will be asked to give a short talk about why their record choice is special to them. This is an opportunity to learn about your community through music. Feel free to bring a snack and BYOB. Monday, Jan 8 from 7pm to 9pm at the Bridge Street Inn.

Cardiovascular Cambria Pine Lodge Hike

Not all Bridge Street Inn guests want to begin their day with a healthy bowl of muesli. A recommended alternative breakfast is the Cardiovascular Cambria Pine Lodge Breakfast hike. The hike from the BSI includes approximately 250 stairs, all you can eat buffet, and a labyrinth at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

250 stairs climb begins at Burton St. and Rodeo Grounds.

Do you see the Bridge Street Inn?

Delicious vegetarian options.

Labyrinth at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

13 mile bike ride from Cambria to Cayucos becomes a half day adventure


Cambria to Cayucos bike ride highway 1

13 mile bike ride from Cambria to Cayucos becomes a half day adventure

The 13 mile ride from the Bridge Street Inn to Cayucos can turn into a half day adventure with ample hiking, beach naps, art galleries, wine tasting, coffee shops and restaurants.  Plus it only costs $1.50 to a catch a ride for yourself and bike on teh RTA bus back to Cambria.

Below are links to some of the authors favorite stops on the Cambria to Cayucos bike ride.

Harmony Cellers

Harmony Headlands

Ruddell’s Smokehouse

Cayucos Collective

Brown Butter Cookie Company

Top Dog Coffee Bar