Touring Cyclist Ken Roberts visits The Bridge Street Inn

Happy Trails

Ken has been on the road as of this very moment  for 794 days raising awareness and funds for, The Outward Bound Trust.  He expects to cover 45, 000 miles over the next 4 years.  If you get a chance to meet Ken sit down and  have a cup of coffee with him.  You’ll enjoy his wicked sense of humor and hand waving/smiling travels stories.

Ken can answer the question, “What to do with the milk you just finagled out of a horse’s tit with your hand?”  Well, Ken has the answer.  While pedaling  through Kazakhstan, Ken had the opportunity to drink “kumis” fermented mares milk.  Ask him about it.  You’ll be laughing.  Here’s a link to photo a essay entitled, Making kumis:  A Day at the Summer Pasture.

Ken, thanks for stopping by the Bridge Street Inn.

Follow Ken’s adventures at Across Continents.

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