Tourists flock to Scarecrows in Cambria, CA

Cambria Nursery Scarecrow

The last of the remaining scarecrows around Cambria are being put into storage.  You might be asking yourself does this mean all Cambria crows fly south for the winter?  The Cambria scarecrow’s life work is not to scare crows but to attract tourists every year around Halloween.  The scarecrows even have a website check out Scarecrow and Harvest Festival.

Shake the Pumkins

One scarecrow says to another
“My what a large head you have.”
The other doesn’t answer.
He’s missing a mouth.
They are guarding the corn
that fell from grandmother’s leg.
Corn that will be tilled
back into the earth,
watered and worshiped
in its time in exile.

One scarecrow says to another
“You’re falling down, my friend.”
Then realizes, he’s not falling
but dancing.
They both dance together.
Spinning around with outstretched arms.
They dance for the harvest
the moon and the stars,
shake the pumpkins like maracas
and fall to the floor.

A. Darling
Bridge Street Inn intern

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