Ann Wilson Pedals down the Central Coast of California

Ann roaming around the world on her bicycle

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann at the Bridge Street Inn. Thank you Ann for The Bridge Street Inn mention in your article. Looking forwards to reading more Anne bicycle adventures.

Santa Maria: via Big Sur, Pacific Valley, Cambria and San Luis Obispo

Tuesday November 1, 2011, 188 miles (303 km) – Total so far: 1,441 miles (2,319 km)

At the Visitor Centre in Monterey, I asked a lady assistant about joining the ’17-mile Drive’ on my way out of town, a scenic route which would take me along the coast of the Pacific Grove peninsula. A rather strained conversation went like this -“Do you have a map of the 17-mile Drive?” “You will be given one when you pay at the start.” “But bicycles are free and I want to join it half way because I am heading south.” “What do you mean “south”?” “San Diego.” “By car?” “No, by bike.” “What sort of ‘bike'” “A bicycle.” (I almost said ‘Dear Eliza, Dear Eliza, but managed to stop myself)

Her pencilled-on eyebrows raised a full inch and the look she gave me was one of either disapproval or disbelief – I couldn’t tell which but I decided it was time to leave.

The ride took me around the coast and brought me out at Carmel where I stayed on the ocean-side of the town and enjoyed a traffic-free run.

Before so long, the road started to climb and I knew I was coming into Big Sur country. This stretch of the coast is renowned for its beauty and for me it was everything I expected of my trip, and more. The rugged shoreline with its rocky outcrops is stunning and not one of my photographs does it justice. The ocean is a sea of diamonds sparkling and rippling in the light of the sun’s rays and exquisite views appear round every bluff.

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