Eytan Elterman from iSeeiTravel reviews The Bridge Street Inn

photo by Eytan Elterman

Several months ago The Bridge Street Inn had the pleasure of hosting Eytan Elterman.  Eytan entertained with stories about his travels that focuses on the beauty of the local culture.  He also quickly clued in that the Bridge Street Inn markets itself not as a cheap accommodation but as a place to share art, travel culture and a business that strives to set an example for urban environmental stewardship.  It’s not a surprise that Eytan has an eye for simple humanistic beauty.   Eytan, co-founder of iSeeiTravel, explains on his website that, “iSeeiTravel is a media company focused on ‘the purposeful travel experience.’  We use dynamic media to motivate people to travel and experience the world.”

Check out The Bridge Street Inn article on iSeeiTravel.  Also peruse the rest of his website and get inspired to do some purposeful traveling.

iSeeiTravel Bridge Street Inn link

iSeeiTravel link

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