A Seasonal Disguise show a SUCCESS at The Bridge Street Inn

A Seasonal Disguise with their big van of music

When I see a van unloading music equipment into a house I’m reminded of the years going to basement punk rock shows, where the drums are always too loud, the bass muffled, the guitar crackling & distorted, and the vocals unintelligible. These types of shows tend to become more about friends and drinking than the music itself.

I became rather nervous, like a shaking chihuahua, when I saw A Seasonal Disguise pulling out amps, electric guitars, a full-sized keyboard, and a hulking drum kit. Oh no! Not a loud rock show in the cozy 110-year-old Bridge Street Inn.
My imagination conjured up images of old house punk rock shows. I saw BSI guests and the Cambria community fleeing the ear-splitting, out-of-balance vibrations and into the front yard to drink tall boys around the fire pit and on the church front steps. No longer was the BSI a place of cozy hospitality: chaos would ensue into the night.

But luckily, none of this happened.

As they shuffled in the bulk of their equipment, I nervously asked Annie (the drummer):
“I thought A Seasonal Disguise was going to come up with an acoustic set for an indoor show.”
Annie just rolled her eyes and replied,
“I thought A Seasonal Disguise was going to play an all electric rock n’ roll show outside.”
So we talked it over. With the sun still setting early and the temperature dropping we concluded A Seasonal Disguise would play indoors.

The band assured me the sound would be terrific and their 7 band members could fit in the living room. With the PA, all 7 A Seasonal Disguise members (whether they be vocals or instrumentalists) were miked and amped. The sound was incredible. A Seasonal Disguise bestowed upon the Cambria community a concert one would expect to hear in a small club instead of a living room house show.

A Seasonal Disguise playing in the Bridge Street living room. The keyboardist had to play in the hallway.

How do I describe the delicious intonations that came through the PA system? Are there even words to give them justice?

Here’s how Annie described A Seasonal Disguise’s sound:

“A dizzying whirl of barely controlled chaos permeates A Seasonal Disguise’s charming, chamber rock infused orchestrations. At times infectious, at times confounding, Z.V. House’s (lead singer) former solo project has evolved into a fully developed, seven-headed, 14-armed, musical hydra, bent wholly to the task of fusing their love of Neil Young, Destroyer, Spencer Krug, and poutine into a hearty, clarinet-leavened blend of rail-hugging rock & roll.
Based in Boise, Idaho, with sometime cello assist imported from Portland, Oregon, ASD spent this winter hibernating and scheming, plotting the release of their new album, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada (released on March 3rd, 2012) from the House of Ubasti. It can even be enjoyed by people who do not reside in Canada.”

For those of you who missed the show here’s some highlights:

To hear more A Seasonal Disguise songs and learn more about the band check out this link http://aseasonaldisguise.blogspot.com/

Special Thanks to Veronica and the Mental Foreplays and The Devils Dandy Dogs.

One response to “A Seasonal Disguise show a SUCCESS at The Bridge Street Inn

  1. Stunning music!
    I never moved – from – my chair…
    People are still talkin’ about the old gezzer who was dancing – in – his chair;-)

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