The Drier Broke the Day it Rains in Cambria, CA

The drier broke the day it rained in Cambria, CA.

When I need advice about the Bridge Street Inn, I turn to Anne, the former BSI owner.  Here’s one of the many fun answers I receive to questions like, “what’s been your back up plan when the drier makes a noise that sounds like eeeewaaaa?”

a) head to Mexico
b) force line drying through the summer, explain how natural gas fracking is ugly, ugly, ugly, and put off getting yourself a new one until it starts to rain again, if that ever happens. This has the advantage of forcing your interns and community of residents to line dry, even if they do not want to. I found most dryer use was not at all necessary but just a choice, mostly by residents for resident clothes.
c) bite the bullet cheap, and find one on craigslist and spend $50 or $100 to get it now. It may be worth it to keep your community happy, even if it is hardly necessary and gas fracking is ugly. On the bright side, there is an over abundance of supply right now with so much fracking going on, and prices are coming down. Also, so as not to buy new, there are also a few secondhand appliance places around, one in Morro Bay and one in SLO at least. Sorry, don’t remember names, maybe SLO appliance? They will deliver and also haul the old one away for probably about $50 and may have used ones from $100 or so.
d) bite the bullet high end: you could get a new front load washer and stacked dryer set that may fit in the cottage tool area by the water heater on the slab for $800 or $900. your cottage renters may be willing to pay more rent to have their own washer and dryer and/or having a second washer could be of some benefit to you.
sorry, one more thing on your time and your dime… you see why everyone just sells out to starbucks when too many things hit. all above fine by me. if you don’t ever want to get a new dryer to replace mine, that is fine. it was old. just make sure any gas hose connections are turned off if dryer disconnected and new ones are tested to make sure they do not leak. (soap bubble test is fine) -a

One response to “The Drier Broke the Day it Rains in Cambria, CA

  1. Option d. sounds best.
    The old unit looks 40 years old.
    I think they make the new ones better than the old ones (thank The Spirit in the Sky, they DON’T make ’em like they used to).
    Amortized over the next 50 years…the new one will only cost you about $2 a month…and repairs will be cheap…if your Inn caters to a regular stream of Handymen…starting at about year 20.

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