Soothe my Soul

This city girl is in need of some serious small town therapy… what better place to rejuvenate a soul than the quaint and cozy Bridge Street Inn?

For the next few months, I’ve traded in my high heels and late-night dancing for bare feet and lazy wine nights, and to be honest, I find myself with mixed feelings. Much to my surprise, a part of me is already longing for my former east coast lifestyle of working hard and playing harder. The question is: why?

The fast-paced life of the city offers a barrier of sorts, like a security blanket protecting me from having to face the vastness of my own thoughts, or having to wonder who and what I would be if I stripped away all the distractions that I once thought made me…me. In Cambria, the barrier has lifted and I am exposed by the lazy days and unmarked calendars rolled out like a beach towel before me.

Welcome to Cambria, where the pace is slow, the wine flows a-plenty and everybody has a story. Most folks I’ve met are just traveling through, on one stop of many on a long journey across the state, across the country or across the world. Nice to meet some kindred spirits who, like me, were drawn to the allure of a faraway land and could not  be satisfied until they have quenched their thirst.

Do I have mixed feelings about Cambria itself? Nah. Any mixed feelings I have can only be for myself, wondering why the slower pace of life is so hard for this city girl to swallow. So far I’ve spent the afternoon doing this…

And this……

What could be confusing about wine tasting smack dab in the middle of wine country? Taking surf lessons on the Pacific coast? Biking down the infamously scenic Highway 1? Curling up with a good book on Moonstone Beach, half-hoping for the peaceful waves to wash you out to sea? Perhaps it is just a matter of allowing myself to enjoy the easy life. To give myself permission to soak in, entirely selfishly, all that Cambria has to offer the weary city dweller like me.

In short, the quaint town of Cambria has all the ingredients to soothe a weary traveler’s soul, including my own. But be warned, fellow traveler: sunscreen not included. If you’re going to enjoy all that Cambria has to offer, you’re gonna need to put it in your backpack (or in my case, my enormous 50-pound suitcase)… trust me. This girl’s already got the burned nose to prove it.

A. Lafargue

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