Germ-Free at Big Sur

Excerpt from my personal blog (enjoy the full post HERE):

It feels almost sinful to be enjoying life the way I am in Cambria. By enjoying I don’t necessarily mean that I am “filled with joy” at every second of every day. But I am getting to view some truly spectacular sights and meet some extraordinarily inspiring and engaging people on a regular basis, and for some reason it just feels… strange. The word “should” is continuously at the forefront of my mind. I should be working harder; I should not have bought cookies from Linn’s bakery (three days in a row); I should be working a “real” job with a “real” paycheck that will give me a “real” future. Sometimes I just want to beat the should outta should, if you know what I mean. Trying to take in the slow life and enjoy the simple pleasures is so unnatural to me, but I’m learning as I go, I suppose.

Per usual, I have more self-deprecating stories for you (you can find the afore-referenced self-deprecating stories HERE). So I’m peacefully reading in The Enchanted Toolshed the other morning when Brandon (my boss) loudly bangs on the door, throws it open and proclaims, “It’s going to be a Big Sur day today!” I’m all like, wha?, and he’s like, if we can get the hostel clean in thirty minutes we can all road trip up to Big Sur and go hiking! So I’m all, whoa man, you’re throwin’ off my plans to clean and go to the post office and otherwise sit on my ars the rest of the day… I gotta stick to the plan, man!

Then I snapped out of it and realized that I simply needed to reach up my butt, grab the stick out of it and take advantage of the opportunity being presented to me.

Fast forward half an hour: I show up to meet Brandon and Lori for our intense outdoor hiking adventure… wearing spandex running pants and hot pink nikes. If you know anything about hiking you probably know that hot pink running shoes typically aren’t the way to go. Dang it. I’ve been discovered as a fraud again (flashback to the 50-pound suitcase fiasco). Regardless, I headed into the forest armed and ready with my sunscreen, teeny tiny water bottle, and … you guessed it… hand sanitizer. According to my boss that makes me even less cool and outdoorsy, but I really don’t see why one can’t be cool with nature and also be terrified of contracting a malignant jungle parasite. Can’t the two coexist?

Against the odds, I will say that I pleasantly surprised myself on the hike and held my own quite nicely.

Check out some of these gorgeous views from Big Sur:

Moral of the story: if I can get over my general laziness and occasional phobia of the outdoors in order to bask in the glory of Big Sur, so can you. So do yourself a favor: get your butt out of bed, grab a cup of coffee for the road, and prepare to be blown away by some of the most beautiful views in the country. You’ll thank me later.

Ciao for now, friends of the BSI!

A. Lafargue

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