Moonstone Cellars: A Taste of Home

There’s something about wine that cultivates a sense of belonging within a group of friends, or even complete strangers. The simple act of cracking open a good bottle of wine (whether that means a $100 bottle of Cabernet, or the $1.99 version from your neighborhood Trader Joe’s) immediately lets me know that we are about to share a moment together. I’m not talking about a sloppy drunkfest; I’m talking about those special, honest moments that are created as a result of a communal experience.

Lounging at Moonstone Cellars on a lazy Sunday afternoon, happily observing the crowd gathered around the bar, wine tasting, mingling and generally soaking up the good life, I see the bond that wine creates. Like anything, too much can be just as destructive as it can be beneficial (no one likes the melodramatic wine-o), but in the right context with the right people, it’s one of those pleasures in life that makes me smile all the way from my head to my feet. I love when cheeks become rosy red after only a few sips. I love listening to a passionate wine-maker describe the lush variety of tastes and smells as I smile and nod in complete and total ignorance. Hues of chocolate? I’ll take it! An oaky aftertaste? I don’t follow, but right on! Most of all, I love the way that wine makes us want to share: share stories, experiences, knowledge. Our culture is so focused on the individual that we forget to share these important things. We are so concerned with ourselves that, in some cases, many of us have forgotten the simple lost art of sharing with another, whether it be a bottle, a glass, or a simple conversation.

Walking into the warm and cozy shelter of Moonstone Cellars, you’ll immediately feel at home. Jill’s the sort of woman that you can’t just say hello to. It’s the whole “if you give a mouse a cookie” concept: If you say hello to Jill, you will want to sit her down, and pick her brain, and allow her to tell you about her journey with your chin in hand and your wine glass full. In a manner of minutes you might learn about her career in acting, her bout with stand-up, how she ended up at a winery in small town Cambria after forging her way through the smog and disappointment of LA.

Not only is the conversation that hovers about the cellar fascinating and compelling, but their wine tasting is one of the best deals in town. For only $5 – yes, you read that correctly, five dollars – they will tease your palate with six of their sinfully delicious local wines. Now I’m normally a red girl, but Moonstone has shown me the light to the world of white with their 2010 Viognier, referred to by the experts as “the red drinker’s white.” I would heartily agree if I weren’t busy staring despondently at my empty glass of this white that made me a convert, a believer in white wine.

I believe that wine can help open up our hearts, if we’ll let it. So come on down to Moonstone Cellars and have yourself a drink, or six (tastes, that is). And make sure to ask for Jill. You can tell her your friends at the BSI sent you.

Moonstone Cellars
801 Main Street  Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-9466

A. Lafargue

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