Transition from the Nature Experience to the Human Experience at the Cambria Ale House

When the sun slips below the Pacific, the landscape has lost its definition.  The stars are still hidden beneath twilight’s blanket.  The next logical step after dining at one of Cambria’s local restaurants is a stop at the Cambria Ale House.

The Cambria Ale House keeps the unique Central Coast vibe pounding with its commitment to craft beers and live entertainment.

With a selection of 65 brewers offering 3 to 4 different brew styles, a person’s palette will find a beverage that compliment that day’s adventure.

Conversations you may overhear at the Cambria Ale House:

wiki photo

John Doe #1: “Hello Jeff, I spent an afternoon staring at fat elephant seals.  What do you recommend?”

Jeff: “When you were day dreaming about those critters did you imagine being one of the smaller seals getting rolled over by one of those huge, 16 ft long males weighing 5400 lbs?”

John Doe #1: “Yes!  As a VP of a successful private equity firm every day I’m in charge playing god with people’s dreams.  On vacation I want to be powerless.  I want to be a small docile seal in an ocean of mammoth elephant seals.”

Jeff: “No worries, you’re not the first who has asked for a drink that will slap them around a little.  Try the Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard:  A very big, aggressive, strong, bitter and in your face beer aged in Oak barrels.  ABV: 7.32%

John Doe #2: “Hello Jeff, I just had an amazing experience at the Cambria Cemetery at the end of Bridge Street.  Typical grave yards are so boring with their manicured lawns and uninteresting modern flat grave markers.  This cemetery is like a play ground for the living with its bathroom facilities, picnic benches, and art.  I left feeling more alive then dead.”

Jeff, “Death should be celebrated otherwise you and I wouldn’t be at the Cambria Ale House.  I recommend the Dogfish Head Midas Touch:  Made with ingredients found in drinking vessels from the tomb of King Midas.  ABV 9% IBU: 12.  Cheers to good beer, the living, and the dead.”

John Doe #3: “I had so much fun hiking in the Big Sur.  Following the ridge line, enjoying views of the Pacific and then relaxing in the meadows.  On the hike I forgot to pack a PB & J.  Staring at the green grass I wish I was a super hero ruminant with four stomachs so I can graze………”

Jeff, “Stop right there. You can be a ruminant super hero at the Cambria Ale House.  The Sierra Nevada Ovila Saison has earthy and spicy aromas with notes of green-grass and faint citrus tang.  ABV: 7.2% IBU 24.  You can drink the grass!”

The Cambria Ale House also has six rotating draft beers, soon to be expanded to the incredible number of sixteen.

While enjoying a beer or glass of wine, you can listen to local musicians. I would like to introduce Lauren Broemmelsiek covering the tune “Just like Heaven” by the Cure at the Cambria Ale House.


The Cambria Ale House is a short walk from the Bridge Street Inn.

Cambria Ale House
2084 Main Street
Cambria, CA 93428

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