Confrimed Grandma Kelsey show at the Cambria Ale House

The Bridge Street Inn received some sad news. Grandma Kelsey has canceled her Sept 17 show at the Cambria House.

Dear Bridge Street Inn and Cambria Ale House,

Thank you so much for everything… all your patience with me and setting a show up for me. I put a lot of work into my six week tour, raising money and getting out. I am absolutely heartbroken to have had to cancel literally half of it do to an emergency, but I have no other option. I hope to make up for it in the future.

Grandma Kelsey

Grandma Kelsey is the anonym of Boise based singer/songwriter Kelsey Swope. A solitary, wingless creature armed with autoharp, guitar, and song, Grandma Kelsey’s disarming voice blends poetic narratives and structured melodies that draws the hearts of her listeners. It is rare to feel alone in a room full of people, but one can not help feeling singled out by her sincerity. Grandma Kelsey is in the midst of recording her first full length album which is set for release in the Summer of 2012.
-Treefort Musicfest

Check out her sound

Rounding out this unique experience Jake, The Old Crow.  There are no recordings of Jake, The Old Crow.  Grandma describes his sound as traditional folk singer and guitar player.

Brandon Follett, the opening act, delights the audience with a simple strum pattern and sings songs inspired by his nose.

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