Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us plays at the Cambria Ale House

Hotbox Harry Flyer

The talented multi instrumental band Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us made the trip from Big Sur down the PCH to play at the Cambria Ale House on January 26th.

Who is Mr. Harry and what songs did Hotbox Harry teach the band?

“Hotbox Harry was a warm and gentle hobo-like figure who taught us wonderful country songs of love and loss. He was a warm, roly-poly kind of guy. He wore suspenders, hopped trains, and beat Woody Guthrie in a card game in 1943. He has a special place in our hearts. As a tribute to him, we started a band and called it Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us.” Facebook

Hotbox Harry taught the band, “Tunes by Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons, Loretta Lynn, Elvis, Don Gibson, Buck Owens, George Jones, Bob Dylan, and more.” Facebook

The folks in Cambria dug Hotbox Harry’s choice in music.  Some folks danced, banged on tables, and sang along while consuming the finest craft beer in Cambria.  Besides the music being spot on it was great to have 3 solid vocalists with 3 distinct styles.

For those who could not attend the show here’s a sample of what you missed out on.

To learn more about Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us check out these links.

Special Thanks to Brian Mueller for putting the show together!!

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