Given the Circumstance live at the Cambria Ale House

Given the Circumstances Veronica and the Mental Foreplays Cambria Ale House

If you didn’t get to the Cambria Ale House before 8PM  you had better hoped you didn’t hike all day in Big Sur.  Soon as the show started there was no place to rest a weary body.  Standing room only on this special occasion.

This Ale House show was the first time opening band, Veronica and the Mental Foreplays, played with guitarist Brian Mueller.  Veronica performed a short set consisting of older songs from the Run Run Pig Run Run album and several new songs like Bacteria Lovin.  Brian’s guitar playing and Brandon’s vocal style reminded folks of a raw uninhibited Violent Femmes.

Headlining band, Given the Circumstances, bring to the stage “electric homeless melodies.”  A sound developed in Prague that relies heavily on Suchi’s graceful vocal style and Eze’s guitar looping soundscapes.  Given the Circumstances held the audience attention throughout the hour set.    Their new fans didn’t give up their seats until Suchi put down the microphone.

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