Artist Megan Marunowski is at the Bridge Street Inn

With her love for new experiences in nature and being surrounded with various cultures of the world, Megan Marunowski is one of the new additions to the community of eclectic people at The Bridge Street Inn in Cambria, California. The city resides in the heart of the Central Coast and sits at the Mouth of Big Sur Country, with beautiful views for travelers and locals alike. She wishes to expand her skills by seeking new opportunities and work trades while on her journey through the country.

Texas born and raised, Megan has a background in Contemporary dance and Fine Arts. With a BFA in Photography, Megan has continued to grow as a photographer, with a wide range of subject matter, from action-packed live music journalism to capturing the striking beauty of the landscape. As a previous teacher in Art Education, Megan found joy in spreading knowledge and self- expression through concepts of art, science and nature — these are the passions that led her to start traveling in New Zealand in 2016. She has been embracing the nomadic lifestyle ever since, continually creating photography and making new connections with people from around the world.

Learn more about Megan, her adventures’, and art on Instagram

Bridge Street Inn


Heartwarming moments under beautiful, sunny skies


Best seats in town for early morning conversations and a hot cup in your hand


When life gives you lemons, share with all!


Brandon’s Muesli will brighten any day

Big Sur


Sunset Waves, Sand Dollar Beach


Morning Hues, Moonstone Beach


As the Fog Rises, McWay Falls


Beyond the Horizon, Big Sur



Nautical Orb, 2017


Wayward Wild, 2017


Tropic of Paradise, 2017


Summit Halo, 2017


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