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Eggs at the Bridge Street Inn

A guest at the Bridge Street Inn can create the perfect egg and rice breakfast.

Here is a link on how to boil eggs.

The Bridge Street Inn Muesli Testimony

muesli info Bridge Street Inn

The Bridge Street Inn muesli contains no high fructose syrup and designed to be enjoyed with water. Yep, a delicious healthy vegan breakfast.


Bridge Street Inn muesli ingredients are purchased from Soto’s True Earth Market. Our ingredients are healthy, organic and support our local grocery economy.

David Bowie, Funny Mirrors, and a Veggie Burrito at the Old Stone Station

Guests at HI-Cambria Bridge Street Inn will find the sights, smells, and sounds of Cambria inspiring. If you are a creative writer Cambria will keep the ink flowing.

old stone station Cambria California

The Old Stone Station became a place of refuge for John

At John’s funeral, friends and family dropped fresh cut flowers into the grave. Willy walked to the edge where the casket lay.  He tightly squeezed a David Bowie t-shirt before relaxing his hands.  Willy let the Ziggy Startdust t-shirt fall into the grave.

Clyde asked perplexed, “What are you doing?”

Old Stone Station David Bowie

Willie replied, “John loved David Bowie.  Remember how many times he went to the men’s restroom at the Old Stone Station Restaurant?”

A year ago, Willie, Clyde, and John met on a sunny day on the deck of the Old Stone Station. They each planned on enjoying the best Mexican food served on Friday. Ironically, they all wore Mike Watt yellow cat t-shirts and ordered veggie burritos. The three of them quickly realized this serendipitous moment. Conversations began and three tables became one. A Friday veggie burrito tradition began.

Like a digital clock with a strong battery, Willie, Clyde, and John showed up at the same time every Friday and ordered the same veggie burrito.  The tradition changed when John’s wife left him for a young stud and the L.A. city life.  Depressed, John began to eat 1.5 burritos, than 2 burritos in one sitting.  Willie and Clyde were amazed by John’s overwhelming burrito consumption.

Old stone Station veggie burrito Cambria California

John developed deadly feelings for black beans

John replied in a condescending snarky voice, “How can a person not eat two of a these remarkable creations!  The flavors of the beans, sauces, fresh ingredients, veggie burger and cheese make me forget myself.  I am no longer John who gave 20 years of my life to a woman who didn’t appreciate it.  At the Old Stone Station I am simply a tongue who doesn’t need love – only a burrito.”

The guys noticed John use the bathroom more frequently and lose weight.

One day when John left to the restroom, Clyde asked Willie, “Do you think it’s weird John’s bladder has gotten smaller since his divorce?”

The last known photo of John

The last known photo of John

Willie, “I don’t think his bladder has gotten smaller.   He frequently uses the restroom because the carnival fees to enjoy a circus mirror in private is ridiculous.  At the Old Stone Station the price of the mirror is included in the price of the meal.  He can laugh and laugh as long as he purchases something.  John’s a huge David Bowie fan. He told the restaurant owner he wants first dibs on the David Bowie shirt in the bathroom.  Notice how he looks at the burritos and mutters the lyric, “Oh you pretty thing your driving your mamas and papas insane.”  I’m a huge Paul McCartney fan.  I would pretend to pee a lot more if a Paul McCartney t-shirt hung in the bathroom.”

John heard most of their conversation and paused before returning. He could not let his friends know of his burrito addiction. He decided to mask his bulimia by becoming a David Bowie fan.

The madness turned John into a David Bowie burrito eater.

The madness turned John into a David Bowie burrito eater.

A month of Fridays passed.  John looked more skinny and unhealthy.

Clyde finely addressed the elephant in the room, “John, what’s wrong with you.  You have grown into the body of 17 year old girl who wants to be a model.”

John snapped, “I look like David Bowie on heroine.”

John went to the bathroom muttering a David Bowie song.

Clyde said, “Willie I have a crazy thought.  Did you see how fast John ferociously devoured his burrito?  He reminds me of my cat, Henrietta. She can eat a can of canned cat food like John can scarf down a burrito. When she can’t eat anymore she sneaks off and pukes up her food.  Do you notice how John eats and eats then leaves to go to the bathroom?  Does John remind you of my cat?”

Willie, “I’ve never met Henrietta but I do know John reminds me of David Bowie on heroine.”

The End.

John's now in Happy Burrito heaven.

John’s now in Happy Burrito heaven.

Old Stone Station
713 Main St.
Cambria, CA 93428

Special thanks to Gillian Rowley’s edits.  Check out her blog Allergy Bites

The Fun Never Stops for your Legs in Cambria, California

Cambria, CA

Despite the nonexistence of casinos, big box stores, fast food, a red light district, theme park, or Saturday night cruz, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Cambria.  If you are an artist, nature lover, musician, foodie, adventurer, animal lover, or outdoor person, you’ll love the Cambria walking and bicycle scene.

Cambria, is a socialist walking utopia.  Cambrian’s believe everyone deserves universal walking  benefits.  Cambria adheres to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Walking Needs, i.e. plenty of public bathrooms, public drinking fountains, public space and public benches.  If you believe these public items create a welfare state don’t worry there are plenty of shops, a gym, and hotels where a person can pay to poop, drink water, walk  and pay to rest their weary body. Click here for the WELFARE WALKING THE STORY.

The author has explored all the following recommend attractions by foot or bicycle. His home base is the Bridge Street Inn located on Bridge Street in the East Village.


Many Cambria restaurants serve dishes made with local ingredients.  Here’s a list of restaurants that pride themselves on serving up a local eating experience.

Robin’s Restaurant
Creative meets local. International inspiration collides with the season’s bounty.

Indigo Moon Cafe
Serving delicious house-made meals, extravagant wines, and eclectic cheeses.

Black Cat Bistro
The Black Cat is known for serving Innovative Farm Fresh Fare.

Wild Ginger
Asian, Pacific Rim & Global Cuisine

Linn’s Restaurant 
Simple fare, built around fresh fruits and vegetables from area farms.

The Sea Chest Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Serving fresh seafood for over thirty years.

Cambria Pines Lodge
Enjoy home grown garden salads, live music, a lounge and food served till 11PM.

Click here to learn about the local black bean scene.
Harold Black Bean Vacations at The Bridge Street Inn


Given the Circumstances Veronica and the Mental Foreplays

Cambria is located between 2 amazing music cities: San Francisco and Los Angles.  It’s no surprise then that Cambria too has a music scene.

Cambria Ale House frequently show cases singer song writers and has open mic every 3rd Sunday.

Mozzi’s Saloon offers a live dancing band every Saturday night.

Cambria Pine Lodge has live entertainment 7 nights a week.

-Los Cambritas’s dishes up huge burritos and has a dancing band on Sundays.


You would think with a population of 6,000 Cambria’s public space would consist of a dirt lot with a squat toilet and some hand sanitizer.  Not so, Cambria has amazing hiking areas.  Some trails are developed with benches, boardwalks, and handicap accessibility.  Other trails are dirt paths that take you to places in Cambria where you are completely alone and isolated even during tourist season.    A hiker need not worry about bladder infections or dehydration. Strategically placed through out Cambria are 5 public restrooms with water fountains. 

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve:  Catch the West Fiscalini Ranch Preserve trail system 3 blocks from the BSI.

Moonstone Beach: 30 acres, includes Leffingwell Landing, Moonstone Beach Drive, and Santa Rosa Creek.

Shamel Park:  On Windsor Boulevard North, Park Hill, in Cambria is a 6-acre County Park with a playing field, swimming pool (open in season), barbeques, picnic tables and a children’s play area.

The Bridge Street Inn Cemetery is a mile walk along forested Bridge Street road.  The living feel welcomed with amenities like guests restrooms, picnic tables, water, and plenty of art.   Guests leave the cemetery feeling even more alive.

Greenspace Creekside Reserve:  This property was once Cambria ’s historical “Chinese Center,” the social focus for workers who harvested seaweed and abalone for shipment back to China, or worked in local quicksilver (mercury) mines in the mountains.

San Simeon State Beach:  In 1994, a 3.3 mile trail was constructed encircling portions of the San Simeon Natural Preserve and the Washburn Campground. The trail includes scenic overlooks, rest-stop benches and interpretive panels with information on wildlife and habitat. A portion of the trail along the seasonal wetland is wheelchair accessible.  Free summer trolley and bus service from Cambria.

Click here for more info about parks and hikes in Cambria.


Raw Curry Yoga
The BSI offers Tuesday and Wednesday morning summer seasonal Yoga with Ginna.


Surfline Magazine has this to say about surfing in Cambria, “A reliable source for finding something ridable if the Cayucos Pier sucks, or if the San Simeon area is too funky.”
Moonstone surf
Santa Rosa Creek surf

Those of us who need a surf lesson Good Clean Fun and Cayucos Surf Company located 13 miles south of Cambria offer private and group lessons.



For the bicycle rider who loves leisurely rides that involve world class scenery and local culture Cambria’s location will amaze.

Santa Rosa Creek Road for the Skilled

Santa Rosa Creek starts in Cambria and meanders through the farm and ranch land of the Santa Lucia Mountains.  The one lane windy road ends near the top of the highway 46 pass.  Old Creek Road picks up on the other side of 46.  Follow the road into Cayucos then take Highway 1 back to Cambria.  This 42.2 mile loop is not for the laid back beach cruiser cyclist.  Click here for loop details.


The  carefree Santa Rosa Creek adventure does not involve walking your bicycle or wearing padded shorts.  The first 5 miles of Santa Rose Creek Road takes a cyclist through rolling farm/ranch land along a tree lined single lane road.   Besides  the beautiful natural landscape there’s plenty of cows, goats, sheep, pigs, raptors, horses, old farm houses, and barns to look at.  Be careful a good looking pig can prove as distracting as texting.

Linn’s Original Farmstore is 5 miles up the road.  Linn’s offers individual fruit pies and drinks.  Linn’s will only serve their pies on disposable wear.  This problem is easily solved by bringing a small camping plate and fork.  The farmstore provides shade trees and tables.  A perfect place to play cribbage.

Stolo Family Winery

On the way back into town stop by Stolo Family Winery and Tasting Room.  This is the last stop before Cambria.  It’s located only a couple miles out of town.   Despite not having bike racks I felt comfortable leaning my bicycle against the building.  A tasting costs $5.  The tasting room has a wonderful open feel.  There are several chairs and tables outside near the entrance door facing west.  An ideal spot to soak up some sun rays, write a poem and watch the sunset.  The Stolo family is a nontraditional family.  No, two women are not the head of the family,  two members of the Stolo family are goats.  Chet and Betty are fun to pet while drinking wine.

cambria to hearst castle by bicycle

The Hearst Experience

Many parts of Highway 1 from Carmel to Big Sur are shoulderless, steep and narrow.  A bicycle rider should not pedal through Big Sur if they pedal erratically, curse god when they break a sweat or do not have the mental capacity to handle near death scrapes with inexperienced RV renters.   However the 7 mile stretch of Highway 1 between Cambria and the Hearst Castle is the section of PCH pavement for you.

The one small hill allows the inexperienced bicycle rider to enjoy the couch up till the day of their adventure.  A bicycle rider with one hand on the handlebar and the other on their smart phone can update their Facebook and text while navigating the wide PCH shoulder. What a cyclist missed because of digital distractions, they can recapture with a scenic postcard, purchased  at the Hearst Castle gift shop.

On a serious note no matter what type of bicycle rider you are Sebastian’s General Store will amaze you with their large Hearst beef sandwiches piled with delicious veggies.  Also located in the general store is the Hearst Wine tasting room.

Digest your food and sleep off the wine at the W.R. Hearst Memorial State Beach.

cambria to cayucose by bicycle

45.7 miles of Bicycle fun between Cambria and Pismo Beach

The wind blows North to South along the PCH.  Cambria is the second to last stop for the RTA bus heading North.  A bicycle rider can pedal the 45.7 miles from Cambria to Pismo Beach with the wind at their back.  If a bicycle rider doesn’t want to pedal back to Cambria against the wind he or she can put their bicycle on the bus. RTA BUS SCHEDULE

The Weekend Boni’s Tacos Bicycle Picnic

Coffee Houses

Linn’s Restaurant
People say, “LOCATION, LOCATION.”  Linn’s is on the corner of Main St and Bridge Street.  Their outdoor tables are the first to get direct sun in the morning.

Lilly’s Coffee House
Modern coffee meets old style conversation at Lilly’s.  Virginia can serve up all of the latest coffee drinks.  However you can’t drink your fancy mocha with your internet friends.  At Lilly’s there’s no internet and when Virginia asks, “how’s your day?” She means it.

Cambria Coffee Roasting Company
Cambria Coffee serves up one of the best Americano’s on the central coast.  They have a cozy upstairs with leather sofas and internet.  A good environment to work on travel writing and upload photos.

Moonstone Cellars: A Taste of Home

There’s something about wine that cultivates a sense of belonging within a group of friends, or even complete strangers. The simple act of cracking open a good bottle of wine (whether that means a $100 bottle of Cabernet, or the $1.99 version from your neighborhood Trader Joe’s) immediately lets me know that we are about to share a moment together. I’m not talking about a sloppy drunkfest; I’m talking about those special, honest moments that are created as a result of a communal experience.

Lounging at Moonstone Cellars on a lazy Sunday afternoon, happily observing the crowd gathered around the bar, wine tasting, mingling and generally soaking up the good life, I see the bond that wine creates. Like anything, too much can be just as destructive as it can be beneficial (no one likes the melodramatic wine-o), but in the right context with the right people, it’s one of those pleasures in life that makes me smile all the way from my head to my feet. I love when cheeks become rosy red after only a few sips. I love listening to a passionate wine-maker describe the lush variety of tastes and smells as I smile and nod in complete and total ignorance. Hues of chocolate? I’ll take it! An oaky aftertaste? I don’t follow, but right on! Most of all, I love the way that wine makes us want to share: share stories, experiences, knowledge. Our culture is so focused on the individual that we forget to share these important things. We are so concerned with ourselves that, in some cases, many of us have forgotten the simple lost art of sharing with another, whether it be a bottle, a glass, or a simple conversation.

Walking into the warm and cozy shelter of Moonstone Cellars, you’ll immediately feel at home. Jill’s the sort of woman that you can’t just say hello to. It’s the whole “if you give a mouse a cookie” concept: If you say hello to Jill, you will want to sit her down, and pick her brain, and allow her to tell you about her journey with your chin in hand and your wine glass full. In a manner of minutes you might learn about her career in acting, her bout with stand-up, how she ended up at a winery in small town Cambria after forging her way through the smog and disappointment of LA.

Not only is the conversation that hovers about the cellar fascinating and compelling, but their wine tasting is one of the best deals in town. For only $5 – yes, you read that correctly, five dollars – they will tease your palate with six of their sinfully delicious local wines. Now I’m normally a red girl, but Moonstone has shown me the light to the world of white with their 2010 Viognier, referred to by the experts as “the red drinker’s white.” I would heartily agree if I weren’t busy staring despondently at my empty glass of this white that made me a convert, a believer in white wine.

I believe that wine can help open up our hearts, if we’ll let it. So come on down to Moonstone Cellars and have yourself a drink, or six (tastes, that is). And make sure to ask for Jill. You can tell her your friends at the BSI sent you.

Moonstone Cellars
801 Main Street  Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-9466

A. Lafargue

Happy Herbs For Use At The Bridge Street Inn


The Herbal Working Crew! From left to right: Magda (that's me!), Ashlee, Thomas, & Mark

Spring has spoken, and she wants herbs!

And so our carefree (and extremely fashionable) crew from the BSI, along with our helpful neighbors, responded with a plethora of potted medicinal herbs. From gas and skin rashes, to ingredients for a homemade antibacterial cleaner, the Bridge Street Inn herbal garden is sure grow exactly what you’re looking for.

Sweet Marjoram:


Medicinal Properties: 

  • Soothing to the tummy and other abdominal aches, such as indigestionheartburn, and even menstrual cramps!
  • Expectorant. Eases dry cough, sinus headaches, excess phlegm and congestion, or flu/cold symptoms.
  • Natural disinfectantanti-inflammatoryanti-fungal, and antioxidant.

Fun Fact:  Sweet marjoram & its cousin oregano contain similar flavors and medicinal properties and can be used interchangeably.

Use Me:

  • Brew me up into a tea (2 tablespoons fresh, or 2 teaspoons dried),
  • Or use me as an essential oil on your pillow to promote sleep, induce a sense of peace, or ease toothaches 



Medicinal Properties: 

  • Chemo-protective This herb acts a courageous cupid and encourages certain enzymes in your body to attach antioxidant molecules to oxidized molecules that have been brought on by exposure to too much pollution, smoking, barbecuing, or sucking on exhaust pipes.
  • Antibacterial 
  • Good source of calcium. 

Fun Fact: The seeds are stronger and more flavorful than the leaves.

Use Me:

  • Fresh is always best, especially when it comes to dill due to its delicate aroma and flavor.
  • Although I only last a day or two after being picked, I can last up to 6 months in the freezer.
  • I make yogurt and a few other spices into a delicate, savory dip for veggies or sauce for falafel.  Yum!

 Tuscan Blue Rosemary:


Medicinal Properties:

  • Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, & anti-viral.
  • Spasmolytic. Helps with muscles spasms and pain.
  • Improves digestion & circulation

Fun Fact: Deer don’t enjoy munching on me, so plant me around your garden as a natural fence!

Use Me:

  • Toss me fresh with chopped potatoes, beets, and carrots for a more earthy, fragrant side dish.
  • Essential Oil. Mix with your favorite lotion or oil, and massage me into joints stiff and sore from arthritis or sports injuries.
  • Body Care. You’ll often find me in facial and hair-care products, as I am known to be restorative and toning in nature.



Medicinal Properties:

  • Astringent
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-inflammatory

Fun Fact: Commonly worn in an necklace and used among wizards and druid priests, I have been known to stir up energy and assist in incantations, rites passages, and not-so-lucky encounters with snakes.

Fun Fact #2: I am believed to have staunched Jesus’s wounds after he was removed from the cross.

Use Me:

  • As a poultice for headaches. Note: this will turn the skin red, but the idea is that I am “pulling” the stagnant blood to the surface…kinda like a leech!
  • As a tea to ease diarrhea or other upset tummy issues.

Lemon Balm:


Medicinal Properties:

  • Sedative
  • Anti-depressant
  • Stimulant (On the digestive system)
  • Restorative (On the endocrine & nervous system)

Use Me:

  • I make a comforting, lightly floral tea that will mellow or knock you out, depending on the potency.
  • In conjunction with my nickname “Heart’s Delight,” I am used as an essential oil to induce smiles.

Tip: If you’re having a cruddy day, try dropping 3-5 drops of Lemon Balm essential oil in a big bowl with really hot water, put your head over the bowl, and cover with a towel to make a little steam dome. Take deep, rhythmic breaths for 5-10 minutes, or however long your body and mind needs. (Careful! The first minute or two may be too hot for you, so vent your “tent” as needed!)

Russian Sage:


Medicinal Properties:

  • Soothes upset tummies.
  • Fever reducing
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory

Use Me:

  • As a compress on the forehead when a fever strikes.
  • As a tea when feeling sniffly and sore due to cold or flu symptoms. (To brew tea: Steep 2 tablespoons fresh, or 2 teaspoons dried, for 15-30 minutes in hot water.)



Medicinal Properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Toning to the blood and endocrine system
  • Anti-diabetic (lowers blood sugar levels)

Fun Fact: Thujone, a compound found within my body, helps to ease the tummies of those unlucky individuals with salmonella and/or Candida.

Use Me:

  • Take me as a tincture mixed with water or luke-warm tea.
  • As a tea mixed with other favorite herbs. I’m partial to mint, but that’s only because we’re in the same family! (Brother from another mother!)



Medicinal Properties:

  • Adaptagen & Anti-oxidant
  • Similar properties to ginseng
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Increases strength & endurance
  • Tones the endocrine and immune system
  • Chemo-protective

Fun Fact:  My nickname is ‘herb of immortality’…eat me to see if some of my youthfulness rubs off on you!

Use Me:

  • Best as a tea (1/2 – 1 tsp steeped for 3 minutes), but I can be taken in
  • Capsule &
  • Extract form.



Medicinal Properties:

  • Vermifuge (kills parasites)
  • Facilitates childbirth
  • Eases painful menstruation 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Soothes digestive woes

Fun Fact: Nicknamed ‘American Wormseed’ for my ability to kill off any intestinal & other bodily parasites (a.k.a. unwelcome hitchhikers) you may have picked up while hunting the Chupacabra in Mexico.

Use Me:

  • As a poultice on arthritic/sprained joints or on swollen, itchy bug bites.
  • As a tea to help with menstruation or tummy troubles
  • Cooked with beans to help with gas



Medicinal Properties:

  • Anti-diabetic – Regulates blood sugar
  • Aides digestion
  • Skin Care Wonder – helps with blemishes, wrinkles, & skin conditions such as eczema, seborrhea, & dermatitis
  • Anti-microbial

Use Me:

  • As a tea,
  • As a poultice or tincture gargled and swished for mouth care,
  • As an infused balm as a skin care product,
  • As a zero calorie all natural sweetener  (But avoid my white or blue powdered second cousins four times removed; They’ve been chemically altered and are natural no longer. Yuck!)



Medicinal Properties:

  • Anti-anxiety assistant
  • Sleep Aide
  • Stomach cramping and unease due to panic and/or anxiety
  • Tension
  • Hysteria
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Shingles
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Behavioral Issues – Such as ADD, nail biting, bed wetting, & thumb-sucking

Use Me:

  • Although the simplest and most relaxing preparation is a tea, I can also be used as an 
  • Infused balm or
  • Tincture.


Medicinal Properties:
  • Induces Sweating
  • Eases menstruation
  • Indigestion
  • Skin Wounds
  • Relief from Flu symptoms
Use Me:
  • As a tea with my flower petals
  • Mash me up to use as a poultice
  •  Or as an infused salve

*Coming Soon:

Feel free to peruse the herb garden!
Sniff around, pick a leaf, or meditate for awhile. Before you depart, make sure you show one of the resident cats, Bouja, some sweet, sweet lovin’. However his brother (the light gray one) may bite your face off if you come close enough.  (Just kidding!  But just to be safe…)


Oh, and beware of random heads.

P.S. Mugwort has been known to induce some WILD dreams! Tuck some under your pillow for a wild ride.

Wishing you blessings of good health:
♥ Magda Krysinski andThe gang, herbs, and fairies at the Bridge Street Inn.

Harold Black Bean Vacations at The Bridge Street Inn

The other day I received an e-mail from Francisco De Lovely inquiring about where he can eat a delicious black bean meal.  He writes:

Dear Brandon,

I’m coming to Cambria to vacation with my last two tupperware containers of black beans.  I have enjoyed a blissful 6 months with my 25lbs bag of black beans.  I named my friend Harold Black Bean.  I’ll be arriving at The Bridge Street Inn around dinner time.  I’m excited to use your famous cast iron collection to cook up Harold.  I also have a special Harold breakfast planned.  I’m concerned about the 10:30AM to 5PM lock out.  Can you recommend a local favorite restaurant where I might enjoy some of Harold Black Beans relatives?

Thank you,

Francisco and Harold Black Bean

Harold likes to go the beach

I write back.

Hello Francisco and Harold Black Bean,

Myself and guest, Melissa, recently went on a black bean bonanza.  To answer your question we went to lunch at Sebastian’s Store and Cafe located 9.1 miles North of Cambria off of Highway 1 near Hearst Castle.  Their black bean burger is EPIC!!!!  That evening we made a black bean pizza followed by Heavous Rancheros for breakfast.  Hope you enjoy the black bean bonanza photo blog.

See you soon,


I recommend the black bean burger at Sebastian’s General Store & Cafe in Old San Simeon Village 

Sebastian’s knows how to compliment a black bean

Black bean burgers at Sebastian’s are so large that we probably ate all of Harolds’ cousins.

The surrounding area around Sebastian’s provides plenty of different places to digest black beans.

Melissa digests her black beans along the coast.

Brandon digests his black beans in a tree.

After digesting the black bean burger Melissa and I are ready for the black bean pizza dinner.   The below black bean pizza is similar to the lentil pizza that appeared in the blog post My Underwear Matches my Pizza.  Here’s a link to view a description of the black bean pizza toppings.

Dinner:  black bean pizza made at The Bridge Street Inn

Brandon gets ready to enjoy his second black bean meal.

Melissa and I had to take a break from the black bean.  We didn’t eat black beans till breakfast.  I dreamed of black beans.

huevos rancheros: black beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, tortilla, veggie chorizo, green sauce.

Melissa gets ready to enjoy her 3rd black bean meal in a row.

Here are a couple of nutritional links about Harold Black Bean.

Cambria black bean walking options from the Bridge Street Inn.

Robin’s Restaurant takes the black bean to a whole new level with this Tempeh-Tofu Rellenos entree: sweet corn, onions, tofu ‘feta’, Spanish brown rice, cumin black beans. Click here to view the entire menu

Indigo Moon Cafe serves a delicious black bean burger.Indigo Moon Cafe serves a delicious alternative to a hamburger i.e. the black bean burger. It comes with red pepper aioli, lettuce & tomato on a ciabatta bun.  Click here to view their complete menu