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Bluesy Stephanie plus open mic at the Bridge Street Inn

Bluesy Stephanie plays at the Bridge Street Inn. She wowed the small group of Cambria’s who were fortunate enough to enjoy this special UK artist. Open mic had stellar performances by Allison and Brandon. Followed by an after hours party at Linn’s and Mozzi’s. Ask the Bridge Street Inn about playing a house show.


Allison Hayward sings the truth about the Cambria deer.  Did you know they are bastards?


Brandon Follett sings about why, “too much love makes the world go mad!”


Sunny day, music, and friends


After hour party at Mozzi’s


Bridge Street Inn host will MC Cambria Earth Day event

Many thanks to the businesses, dogs, and flowers that allowed the Bridge Street Inn folk to share their love of Earth Day with them.  We hung flyers from Morro Bay to Cambria.



Francesca’s Word Salad, Brandon Follett and Russell Arnott at the Bridge Street Inn

Francesca’s Word Salad performs, ‘Polly’s Birds.”

Russell is a much better videographer.  I chose this video taken several days after the Bridge Street Inn show instead of using my own footage.

Brandon Follett performs, “What’s that You Say Nose?”

Russell Arnott explains why, “The Best Animal Ever is an Octopus.”

The March 4 show at the Bridge Street Inn was a success.  Francesca’s Word Salad wowed the crowd with her beautiful voice and funny provocative lyrics.  Russell Arnott kept the crowd entertained with his octopus slide show and knowledge.  Brandon Follett reminded folks their food should always have fun before being eaten with his catchy Run Run Pig lyrics.

Enjoy more of the wonderful Frencesca’s Word Salad and purchase her music:

Francesca’s Word Salad on Facebook

Francesca’s Word Salad on Bandcamp

Help Russell Arnott and Incredible Oceans spread the good word about our watery planet:

Incredible Oceans

Check out more of Brandon Follett under the name of Veronica and the Mental Foreplays:

Run Run Pig Run Run ep

Mechanistic Lover lp

Press Release for the Show

Fun at the Bridge Street Inn tonight 7pm to 9pm this March 4. Francesca’s Word Salad will perform her mix of catchy off beat anti folk songs.  She is passing through Cambria on her way to South by South West in Austin, TX.  Brandon Follett recently returned from the desert.  He will perform a set list that only the spirit of Gram Parson’s has heard till tonight.  Russell Arnott  will open with a talk entitled, “The Best Animal Ever (Hint: It’s an Octopus). Usually Russell, Brings Oceans into the Classroom through the organization Incredible Oceans.  Tonight he’ll bring Oceans into the Bridge Street Inn.

Photos of the Room 8 where Gram Parson’s spirit lives and the Joshua Tree Inn:

Click here to stay in Room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn.


Soviet Hippies at the Bridge Street Inn

At The Bridge Street Inn I had the pleasure of enjoying muesli and coffee with Terje Toomistu Cece, the director, and Liis Lepik the producer, of Soviet Hippies. Support their film by rocking out to the sounds from the Soviet Underground by clicking on the link

Soviet Hippies director producer - 1

Liis Lepik the producer and Terje Toomistu Cece, the director, of Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies flier - 1

Soviet Hippies on the wall at Bridge Street Inn


Moon Handbook: Santa Barbara and the Central Coast discovers the musical talent of Brandon Follett

moon handbook Santa Barbara and the Central Coast Brandon Follett moon handbook Santa Barbara and the Central Coast It’s true! I’ll play guests a song or recite a poem at the Bridge Street Inn.  Pick up a Moon Handbook at your local bookstore or at the Moon website.

Billy Jam of Amoebe Records discusses his latest article Live Concerts from Prisons and Mental Institutions

Punk rock history told from the mouth of Billy Jam from Amoeba Records

Punk rock history told from the mouth of Billy Jam of Amoeba Records

BSI guest, Billy Jam, Amoeba Records journalist, shares stories about the 1980s punk scene. He recently wrote an article about live concerts in mental institutions. Here’s a link the article.

Cramps playing at the Napa State Mental Hospital.


Given the Circumstance live at the Cambria Ale House

Given the Circumstances Veronica and the Mental Foreplays Cambria Ale House

If you didn’t get to the Cambria Ale House before 8PM  you had better hoped you didn’t hike all day in Big Sur.  Soon as the show started there was no place to rest a weary body.  Standing room only on this special occasion.

This Ale House show was the first time opening band, Veronica and the Mental Foreplays, played with guitarist Brian Mueller.  Veronica performed a short set consisting of older songs from the Run Run Pig Run Run album and several new songs like Bacteria Lovin.  Brian’s guitar playing and Brandon’s vocal style reminded folks of a raw uninhibited Violent Femmes.

Headlining band, Given the Circumstances, bring to the stage “electric homeless melodies.”  A sound developed in Prague that relies heavily on Suchi’s graceful vocal style and Eze’s guitar looping soundscapes.  Given the Circumstances held the audience attention throughout the hour set.    Their new fans didn’t give up their seats until Suchi put down the microphone.