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Eggs at the Bridge Street Inn

A guest at the Bridge Street Inn can create the perfect egg and rice breakfast.

Here is a link on how to boil eggs.

Harold Black Bean Vacations at The Bridge Street Inn

The other day I received an e-mail from Francisco De Lovely inquiring about where he can eat a delicious black bean meal.  He writes:

Dear Brandon,

I’m coming to Cambria to vacation with my last two tupperware containers of black beans.  I have enjoyed a blissful 6 months with my 25lbs bag of black beans.  I named my friend Harold Black Bean.  I’ll be arriving at The Bridge Street Inn around dinner time.  I’m excited to use your famous cast iron collection to cook up Harold.  I also have a special Harold breakfast planned.  I’m concerned about the 10:30AM to 5PM lock out.  Can you recommend a local favorite restaurant where I might enjoy some of Harold Black Beans relatives?

Thank you,

Francisco and Harold Black Bean

Harold likes to go the beach

I write back.

Hello Francisco and Harold Black Bean,

Myself and guest, Melissa, recently went on a black bean bonanza.  To answer your question we went to lunch at Sebastian’s Store and Cafe located 9.1 miles North of Cambria off of Highway 1 near Hearst Castle.  Their black bean burger is EPIC!!!!  That evening we made a black bean pizza followed by Heavous Rancheros for breakfast.  Hope you enjoy the black bean bonanza photo blog.

See you soon,


I recommend the black bean burger at Sebastian’s General Store & Cafe in Old San Simeon Village 

Sebastian’s knows how to compliment a black bean

Black bean burgers at Sebastian’s are so large that we probably ate all of Harolds’ cousins.

The surrounding area around Sebastian’s provides plenty of different places to digest black beans.

Melissa digests her black beans along the coast.

Brandon digests his black beans in a tree.

After digesting the black bean burger Melissa and I are ready for the black bean pizza dinner.   The below black bean pizza is similar to the lentil pizza that appeared in the blog post My Underwear Matches my Pizza.  Here’s a link to view a description of the black bean pizza toppings.

Dinner:  black bean pizza made at The Bridge Street Inn

Brandon gets ready to enjoy his second black bean meal.

Melissa and I had to take a break from the black bean.  We didn’t eat black beans till breakfast.  I dreamed of black beans.

huevos rancheros: black beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, tortilla, veggie chorizo, green sauce.

Melissa gets ready to enjoy her 3rd black bean meal in a row.

Here are a couple of nutritional links about Harold Black Bean.

Cambria black bean walking options from the Bridge Street Inn.

Robin’s Restaurant takes the black bean to a whole new level with this Tempeh-Tofu Rellenos entree: sweet corn, onions, tofu ‘feta’, Spanish brown rice, cumin black beans. Click here to view the entire menu

Indigo Moon Cafe serves a delicious black bean burger.Indigo Moon Cafe serves a delicious alternative to a hamburger i.e. the black bean burger. It comes with red pepper aioli, lettuce & tomato on a ciabatta bun.  Click here to view their complete menu

Tuna Pie doesn’t taste good A la mode

When the English guests ask if I want some tuna pie.  My first thought mmmm YES!!  My Idaho mind blocked the word tuna and imagined some sort of seasonal pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I ask if I should walk to the store to fetch some vanilla ice cream.  The English laugh, “Tuna doesn’t go with vanilla ice cream silly American.”

Here’s a Tuna Pie recipe for those of you who prefer tuna to fresh huckleberries and vanilla ice cream.

tuna pie filling

tuna pie crust topping

1 red onion chopped
1 elephant garlic chopped
5 mushrooms chopped into big chunks
hand full of chopped green beans
1 can of tuna
2 table spoons of tomato paste
2 cups of pasta sauce
what ever seasoning that can be found

Crust Topping
2 large potatoes turned into mash, 1/4 cup of milk, knob of butter, and grated cheese

Toss a handful of grated cheese and herbs onto the above topping

Oven 370 degrees