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A Night Time View of the Bridge Street Inn

Bride Street Inn night

Bridge Street Inn night 1

Bridge Street Inn fire

Thank you Claudia Foster for sharing your photos!

Creating Holiday Cheer instead of Buying Holiday Cheer at the Bridge Street Inn

Ginna making Christmas Cards a the Bridge Street Inn

Ginna loves making unique Christmas cards at the Bridge Street Inn.  Ginna feels,  “Christmas is always more fun with lace even if it happens to be on cards.”

Bridge Street Inn christmas card

Bridge Street Inn christmas card 1Here’s a Christmas message from your BSI host, Brandon Follett

Bridge Street Inn Special Winter* ROOM Rates starting in November through March

A special winter rate for everyone

15% off a 2 night stay

20% off a 3 night stay

10% off a 1 night stay if at check in you can show/present/entertain with one of the following:

-wearing Flying M Coffee House or Garage hot shorts/t-shirt at check in
-prove you are a published author
-recite a poem
-play an original song on the guitar
-present original art
-present a Built to Spill ticket stub
-wearing bright red Dr. Martins at check in
-has a pocket full of Big Sur Jade
-knows what is the Idaho state fruit
-wearing a black shirt with lots of cat hair at check in
-dresses in PETA fashion
-can show a unicorn, butterfly or cheshire cat tattoo
-verbally take a pledge not to support Monsanto or the Pebble Mine in AK
-first name or last name has the words: bridge, street, or inn
*excludes major holidays

Guests who have participated in the 10% winter discount:

Catherine and Jeff take the Monsanto pledge for their 10% discount.


Author Clive Parker shares his book entitled, Pedalling to Panama.


Author Helena Zhang shares her book entitled, San Francisco to New York


Alex and Damian share a limerick and joke


Catherine recites Die Lorelei in German


The folks from Lifetap played a song for the 10% discount.  Here’s a link to enjoy more of their music.  http://www.myspace.com/lifetape

Untitled by Alyssa Bellus. Her website will be up and running soon

Confrimed Grandma Kelsey show at the Cambria Ale House

The Bridge Street Inn received some sad news. Grandma Kelsey has canceled her Sept 17 show at the Cambria House.

Dear Bridge Street Inn and Cambria Ale House,

Thank you so much for everything… all your patience with me and setting a show up for me. I put a lot of work into my six week tour, raising money and getting out. I am absolutely heartbroken to have had to cancel literally half of it do to an emergency, but I have no other option. I hope to make up for it in the future.

Grandma Kelsey

Grandma Kelsey is the anonym of Boise based singer/songwriter Kelsey Swope. A solitary, wingless creature armed with autoharp, guitar, and song, Grandma Kelsey’s disarming voice blends poetic narratives and structured melodies that draws the hearts of her listeners. It is rare to feel alone in a room full of people, but one can not help feeling singled out by her sincerity. Grandma Kelsey is in the midst of recording her first full length album which is set for release in the Summer of 2012.
-Treefort Musicfest

Check out her sound  http://soundcloud.com/grandma-kelsey/

Rounding out this unique experience Jake, The Old Crow.  There are no recordings of Jake, The Old Crow.  Grandma describes his sound as traditional folk singer and guitar player.

Brandon Follett, the opening act, delights the audience with a simple strum pattern and sings songs inspired by his nose.

Yoga at the Bridge Street Inn

Are you stiff from riding in a car all day, slightly sore from hiking in Big Sur, need a good stretch before pedaling another 70 miles down the 1, or need to mentally prepare for the next chapter of your book?  If you answered YES to any of the previous, then your body is going to love YOGA at the Bridge Street Inn.  People of every level of yoga and/or no level are welcome to join me Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the volleyball courts for morning yoga.  See you there!
Ginna Bainbridge
Certified Yoga Teacher

New Bridge Street Inn postcard designed by artist Kait Beck

Artist bio:

Kaitlyn graduated with a BA in Liberal arts from Malone University in 2011, with concentrations in Art, Communications, and Theology. She developed her painting portfolio while at Malone. The theme of her thesis was portraits of buildings, and the mood achieved by various structures. She also spent two years at the Cleveland Institute of Art in the sculpture department making works that focused primarily on form.

Kaitlyn has been apart of two group shows, “Man-Icon” in the summer of 2011 and “5×5” in the fall and winter of 2011. She has since been active with commission and various independent design projects. While interning at the Bridge Street Inn, she designed a postcard and sticker for the hostel’s promotional purposes.

Special thanks to Jackie Krokar for her assistance in the graphic design aspects.

Bridge Street Inn Stop Motion Video

BSI interns Marie Beaupere and Anna Lombardet made this cool stop motion video.  One of my favorite personal BSI projects.  Thank You!!!!

The Bridge Street Inn presents: An Evening of Music and Dance at the Cambria Ale House

The first Bridge Street Inn show at the Cambria Ale House was a raging success.  Folks from as far away as San Luis Obispo traveled to hear original songs by headliner Darcey Hile and local artist Lauren Broemmelsiek, as well as to enjoy a contemporary dance performed by Ashley Lafargue and Amy Gray.

Here are some of the highlights from the June 3rd show.

Amy Gray will be choreographing a short ballet piece this July.  You can enjoy the piece at the Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo.

Lauren regularly plays venues around the Central Coast.
Listen to Lauren Broemmelsiek at

Unfortunately for us Central Coast folks, we’ll have to travel to Ohio for a Darcey Hile show.
Listen to Darcey Hile at

Thanks again to Jeff and Robert at the Cambria Ale House.

“Cambria Doesn’t Stink” says my Nose

unhappy stressed out nose

Dear Brandon,

I have an unhappy nose. It has become resentful of the rest of my body. My nose recently pointed out over the last several years:

-my legs hiked the Pacific Crest Trail.
-my eyes got to see works of art at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
-my brain went to the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
-my belly and tongue tasted the Portland, OR food truck scene.
-my arms and chest went on a sea kayaking trip in the San Juan Islands.
-my heart went on a weekend date to Atlanta, ID.
-my toes regularly go to the beach.
-several times a month my fingers go to the petting zoo and recieve a manicure.

Physically the jealousy has manifested itself into stress. Besides my nose being unhappy it’s now ugly. Covered in blackheads. I have promised my nose a vacation. Please help me by answering a few questions.
-Does the BSI use cleaning products with misleading smells that might confuse my nose by making it think it’s in a rainforest?
-Does Cambria have oil refineries, pulp mills, 8 lane freeways, and feedlots?
-Do the ally’s in Cambria smell like piss similar to SF’s ally’s?

Thanks in Advance,

Francisco De Lovely

Hello Francisco,

No, to all the above.  I too forgot I had a nose. One day I had no inspiration. I went to Moonstone Beach to sit in solitude and listen to the small voice found in my heart. That afternoon on the beach my heart whispered nothing profound. However my nose breathed in the smells of Cambria and sniffled out this song. Below are the lyrics and a recording of the song. I now follow my nose instead of my heart.

See you soon,


What’s that You Say Nose?

What’s that you say nose?
It might not be good
to live, eat, drink and fuck
by that fuckin smell.

Little baby isn’t cute who wears a smelly diaper.
Hot woman with inflamed tonsils has a smelly kiss.
The man with gangrene has a stinky leg.
Spoiled milk has a pungent smell.
The smell of moldy lentils makes me want to hurl.
My nose has taught me
to stay away from these bad smells.

What’s that you say nose?
It might not be good
to live, eat, drink and fuck
by that fuckin smell.

Cigarettes are smelly.
Agro business is smelly.
Polluted rivers are smelly.
Cheap perfume tested on animals is smelly.
Bombs and blood are smelly.
Growing up I was told my nose has smelled wrong.
They say breathe in the smell of progress.

What’s that you say nose?
It might not be good
to live, eat, drink and fuck
by that fuckin smell.

even the sidewalks are fragrant in Cambria

A performance of What’s that You Say Nose?