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Bridge Street Inn supports Cambria Film Festival

@cambriafilmfestivalfans, There are still plenty of rooms available at the @bridgestreetinn Catch @bridgestreetinn very own @emmyfollett performing at the Festival closing night gala and awards ceremony at @hearstranchwinery5444E1D9-53F1-4EC3-A12D-4907AC5FEF51990DEB86-CA2B-40FC-9570-89251638D9F468936959-7FE3-4D92-93CD-3761B2556D8F2244B067-61A2-47E5-A2EA-A48BD9AF94EC

How to Make your Bridge Street Inn host HAPPY

Review of the Garden Tiny House by Jerry and Pam, “The location was great and quiet. Walking distance to town. Definitely “funky”. Beds were comfortable, heater worked fine, and water heater provided enough hot water. Cottage was basically old and not kept up. Although, it was as clean as you could get an old building. Everything furniture-wise looked like it was from the free pile at a yard sale. Could be a really cute place with the right furniture and decorations. You get what you pay for. Seemed pretty pricey for what you got, but Cambria was generally overpriced. Beautiful area, locals definitely gouging the tourists. Brandon was friendly and accommodating.”


Don’t make your host sad.  Make your host happy by reading the Airbnb rules before booking.  Here is the most important house rule on the tiny house listing, “Thanks in advance for basing your decision to stay at the Garden Tiny House on the pictures, captions, reviews, descriptions and price of other accommodations. Thank you for taking the time to determine if the cottage is too BIG, too SMALL, or the perfect size? I want you to have an amazing stay.”

If having an amazing stay means a guest does NOT book the Garden Tiny House I will be very very very happy:)

If Jerry and Pam had followed the most important house rule they could have determined from the photos the mindfully purchased furniture wouldn’t  be suitable for their reading, playing games, eating, writing, or conversation pleasures, and  the oil paintings would not bring joy to their soul, and the limited edition signed/numbered Wilco posters would not inspire creativity.  

Cambria prices are inline with the current market rate for historic walking areas on the central coast such as historic Carmel, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.  The restaurants, brewery, and wine tasting rooms all list prices on line. You can determine your budgetary needs before booking a stay in Cambria. 

The beautiful trait about the Garden Tiny Home you can enjoy a walking vacation.  No need to spend money on gas once you park your vehicle.  The health food store and grocery store offer affordable healthy food for eating in or making picnics.  Soto’s True Earth bulk bends are great for buying just the right amount of food for your vacation.  Cambria has plenty of free hiking trails and beach.  

The Garden Tiny House is worn and old (2019 new roof, new paint, new garden path).  Worn like a pair of Doc Martins that saw Nirvana on their In Utero tour.  Worn like your grandparents cast iron skillet used to make pancakes on camping trips in Big Sur.  Worn like the brookes saddle that has been with you since your first bicycle trip down highway 1.  Worn like a copy of your parents Beatles, Sgt. Pepper Album they bought during the Summer of Love. Worn like the VW microbus that moved your family from an apartment into their first house.  Worn like the Martin guitar that was passed down to from your grandfather, to your dad and someday to you.  Worn like the used copy of Pablo Neruda love poems you still share with your lover. 

Come be thrifty, frugal, and creative in Cambria:)

Burt Reynolds Naked at the Bridge Street Inn

Burt Reynolds naked at the Bridge Street Inn. Burt, posed as Cosmopolitan’s “first-ever male centerfold in 1972, marking a milestone in the sexual revolution.” Special thanks to the New Song Family for helping make the Bridge Street Inn wall a little bit more hairy and fun.



Bridge Street Inn’s very own Emmy plays Cambria

ebc4059a-b37c-4637-95a9-f8a94ecf829fCambria celebrates the Christmas season with live music through the month of Dec.  Bridge Street Inn’s very own Emmy Follett will be performing 5 dates:

The Love Story Project Dec 5 from 5pm to 8pm.

The Love Story Project Dec 7 from 4pm to 7pm.

The Love Story Project Dec 14 from 4pm to 7pm.

Moonstone Cellars Dec 18 from 6pm to 8pm open mic.

Moonstone Cellars Dec 21 from 4pm to 7pm.

Emmy’s set includes  her own original songs plus a wide variety of contemporary covers tunes.   Emmy reinterprets familiar songs into something new with her Thai voice, guitar and keyboard style.  How would you describe an Emmy cover tune?  Imagine Elle Fitzgerald sings Radiohead.

Emmy’s the lead singer in the Thai electronic band Ramintra.

If you can’t make it to a show this month check out Emmy’s Ramintra album on Spotify, iTune, Amazon Music and Boo Boo Records.


New Built to Spill poster at the Bridge Street Inn

Bridge Street Inn guest’s another amazing reminder to check out concert venues when making your central coast travel plans. Built to Spill played at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo.  Thanks Aaron and Jennifer:):):). New @builttospill poster at the Bridge Street Inn.  Below is a link to a few of your hosts favorite venues on the California Central Coast. https://bridgestreetinn.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/electric-howlers-at-the-927-beer-company/





Bridge Street Inn celebrates the Cambria Scarecrow Festival

Now in its eleventh year, the Cambria Scarecrow Festival has grown into a community-wide event with hundreds of scarecrows bowling, bathing, painting, pedaling, fishing and flying through Cambria, San Simeon and Harmony.

The Festival made its first appearance in 2009 with just thirty scarecrows. Since then, thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of local students, residents, and businesses, the numbers have grown into the hundreds.

Special thanks to the scarecrow artistic genius of Catherine and Carl.  Check out there creative endeavors at Catherine Greenup Visual.

Author Marianne Power has this to say about the Bridge Street Inn

“I cannot say enough good things about The Bridge Street Inn. It’s a magical place full of love. The bedrooms are spotless with old fashioned quilts on the bed and the garden is bursting with flowers. It’s like stepping back in time. The living room has guitars and books for people to use and the kitchen is immaculately clean and set up with free coffee and oatmeal for breakfast.Brandon, the manager, is kind, funny and helpful and really cares about everyone who walks through the door and cares that they see the best of the area. I’ve travelled the world and stayed in many places – both simple and fancy – and The Bridge Street Inn is one of my favourite spots. I will keep coming back.” -Marianne Power


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