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Booojha the Silent Business Partner at the Bridge Street Inn

Booojha the cat

Booojha was a different type of business partner. He wasn’t interested in money. His concern at the end of the night was lap counts and behind the ear scratches.

bough at the fire Bridge Street Inn

Booojha 1 short tail

Despite Booojha being a handicap cat he never let people’s comments about his tail shake his self confidence.

Bough room 3 bridge street inn

It’s not a peeping Tom. It’s Booojha the peeping cat.

booojha and cast iron

Every “Good Life Business Plan” should involve cats and cast iron.

bough and blue sky

bough back door of bridge Street inn

At 8AM expect a morning cup of locally roasted Cambria Coffee and Booojha.

bough and bridge street inn laundry

Booojha’s only form of personal hygiene came from licking himself. He always smelled and looked clean like a freshly laundered sheet.

booojha and brandon follett at the bridge street inn

Brandon and Booojha after a long day of running the Bridge Street Inn.

bough at the Bridge Street Inn 1

Booojha, the silent business partner, worked at the Bridge Street Inn from 2011 to 2013. You are greatly missed!!!!!!!