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Highway 46, The Templeton Adventure

Many travelers that visit Cambria are fixated on Highway 1. Quite understandable, Highway 1 between Cambria and Carmel, numerous times has been described as one of the most scenic drives in the world. If you’re a Beatle fan Highway 1 can easily be compared to the Lennon and McCartney song writing partnership. However there’s a George Harrison 4 miles south of Cambria called Highway 46 that intersects Highway 1. Let’s take a moment to pay tribute to Highway 46 with this George Harrison, Beatle song.

Beehives overlook the Pacific Ocean along Highway 46

Highway 46 winds it’s way through the southern part of the famous Santa Lucia Mountain Range. Enjoy a pleasant drive on a wide road with plenty of turn offs to enjoy the breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean.

seasonal, sustainable, and locally grown

Our first stop takes us to Nature’s Touch Nursery & Harvest located in Templeton on the East side of the mountain range. Unlike other natural food stores Nature’s Touch welcomes a visitor with planted veggies and fruit trees. Check out the beautiful walk way from the parking lot to the store front entrance. Nature’s Touch has a plethora of delicious food for cooking up a delicious dinner at The Bridge Street Inn.  Not quite sure how to cook or grow vegetables?  Gardening and cooking classes are taught at Nature’s Touch.  A guest can plan their Bridge Street Inn stay to coincide with a Nature’s Touch cooking class. After the class a guest can practice what they learned on Bridge Street Inn’s gas stove/oven and cast iron collection.

Here’s a thought maybe a group of friends would like to sign up for a cooking/gardening class and rent the entire Bridge Street Inn.

Here’s a link to Nature’s Touch classes offerings.

First burrito picnic of 2012

After visiting Nature’s Touch we went to the local Templeton city park. The California Central Coast mild weather makes winter picnicking enjoyable. The local park is located a few blocks from Nature’s Touch. The park has all the amenities for picnicking: tables, bbq’s, and public bathrooms. We cooked up some fabulous burritos. The public bathrooms with their running water and hand blow driers made cleaning the cast iron skillets easy.

Down the road off of Vineyard Drive there’s a small strip mall. Usually we stay away from strip malls but we heard about a local coffee shop called Joebella Coffee Roasters. The coffee shop only serves certified organic and fair trade beans. The coffee is roasted locally in Atascadero. The pour-over coffee lent itself to an enjoyable hour of sipping and card playing. While at the coffee shop the Joebelle Coffee owner, Joe, road up on his bicycle. Amanda, who works at Cambria Coffee Roasters struck up a conversation with him.

Joe: “Tom [Cambria Coffee Roaster owner] has got a devious plan.

Amanda: “What’s that?”

Joe: “Serving good coffee and good customer service.”

Hopefully the Central Coast will develop a reputation similar to it’s wine cousins. People from around the world will travel to this region for its “good coffee and good customer service.”

 We continued our loop on Vineyard Drive. One of our favorite wineries is located on the way back to 46 West. Turley Wine Cellars has a wide selection of old vine zinfandels. For $10 you taste a variety of red wines. Turley is known for using traditional practices such as dry farming, cover crops, and pruning instead of trellising. The tasting room staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Besides enjoying delicious red wine in a beautiful historic setting a patron gets to take home a Turley crystal wine glass.

We celebrate another excellent Bridge Street Inn day adventure with a broccoli omelet.  The broccoli came from Nature’s Touch Nursery & Harvest.

Amanda loves her broccoli omelet

From The Bridge Street Inn today’s adventure 55 miles round trip.