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First Horse guests at the Bridge Street Inn

Despite not allowing pets into the Bridge Street Inn.  The outdoor area is fine for all critters including horses.

Francesca’s Word Salad, Brandon Follett and Russell Arnott at the Bridge Street Inn

Francesca’s Word Salad performs, ‘Polly’s Birds.”

Russell is a much better videographer.  I chose this video taken several days after the Bridge Street Inn show instead of using my own footage.

Brandon Follett performs, “What’s that You Say Nose?”

Russell Arnott explains why, “The Best Animal Ever is an Octopus.”

The March 4 show at the Bridge Street Inn was a success.  Francesca’s Word Salad wowed the crowd with her beautiful voice and funny provocative lyrics.  Russell Arnott kept the crowd entertained with his octopus slide show and knowledge.  Brandon Follett reminded folks their food should always have fun before being eaten with his catchy Run Run Pig lyrics.

Enjoy more of the wonderful Frencesca’s Word Salad and purchase her music:

Francesca’s Word Salad on Facebook

Francesca’s Word Salad on Bandcamp

Help Russell Arnott and Incredible Oceans spread the good word about our watery planet:

Incredible Oceans

Check out more of Brandon Follett under the name of Veronica and the Mental Foreplays:

Run Run Pig Run Run ep

Mechanistic Lover lp

Press Release for the Show

Fun at the Bridge Street Inn tonight 7pm to 9pm this March 4. Francesca’s Word Salad will perform her mix of catchy off beat anti folk songs.  She is passing through Cambria on her way to South by South West in Austin, TX.  Brandon Follett recently returned from the desert.  He will perform a set list that only the spirit of Gram Parson’s has heard till tonight.  Russell Arnott  will open with a talk entitled, “The Best Animal Ever (Hint: It’s an Octopus). Usually Russell, Brings Oceans into the Classroom through the organization Incredible Oceans.  Tonight he’ll bring Oceans into the Bridge Street Inn.

Photos of the Room 8 where Gram Parson’s spirit lives and the Joshua Tree Inn:

Click here to stay in Room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn.


Afternoon Jade Cove Adventure

If you are a rock hound and want a good story start talkin to the locals at the Cambria Ale House.  Don’t be surprised if a local pulls out a piece of Jade from their pocket or show you a piece of Jade that has been fashioned into a ring.  They will tell you stories about obsessed rock hounds that put on scuba gear and brave the cold pacific and the currents looking for Jade on the ocean floor.  Other rock hounds risk the slick shale rock trail down to the cove and venture knee deep into the tide pools knowing that a sleeper wave can hit that at any moment.   All this excitement can be found at Jade Cove 37.5 north of the Bridge Street Inn located in the Big Sur.

Jamie and Fern on the treacherous slick shale trail to the cove.

Brian scans for sleeper waves while digging in the pool.

I look up to see Brian hit by a big wave. I hold my breath ………. thank god he is all right.

The jade found this afternoon.

As we hike back to the Jeep the marine layer lifts to show the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Don’t miss out on the Big Sur Jade Festival OCT 5, 6, 7.  Book a room now at the Bridge Street Inn.

Click here for Big Sur Jade Festival info.