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Bridge Street Inn Special Winter* ROOM Rates starting in November through March

A special winter rate for everyone

15% off a 2 night stay

20% off a 3 night stay

10% off a 1 night stay if at check in you can show/present/entertain with one of the following:

-wearing Flying M Coffee House or Garage hot shorts/t-shirt at check in
-prove you are a published author
-recite a poem
-play an original song on the guitar
-present original art
-present a Built to Spill ticket stub
-wearing bright red Dr. Martins at check in
-has a pocket full of Big Sur Jade
-knows what is the Idaho state fruit
-wearing a black shirt with lots of cat hair at check in
-dresses in PETA fashion
-can show a unicorn, butterfly or cheshire cat tattoo
-verbally take a pledge not to support Monsanto or the Pebble Mine in AK
-first name or last name has the words: bridge, street, or inn
*excludes major holidays

Guests who have participated in the 10% winter discount:

Catherine and Jeff take the Monsanto pledge for their 10% discount.


Author Clive Parker shares his book entitled, Pedalling to Panama.


Author Helena Zhang shares her book entitled, San Francisco to New York


Alex and Damian share a limerick and joke


Catherine recites Die Lorelei in German


The folks from Lifetap played a song for the 10% discount.  Here’s a link to enjoy more of their music.  http://www.myspace.com/lifetape

Untitled by Alyssa Bellus. Her website will be up and running soon

I Need a Virus to Slow Down

The Pacific Coast Highway & Main Street in Cambria are both never- ending sources of inspiration.

I Need A Virus To Slow Down
 -Inspired by the flowers smack-dab in the middle of Main Street-

To make a road safer

You don’t –

You fuck up the road!

With –
Planter boxes
Grazing deer.

These obstacles
slow a vehicle
down to a safe crawl.

When a relationship
moves too fast,

Sometimes I need
a snotty nose
to slow down
the Lovin’.

A good virus
to produce
Some chunky phlegm
To dribble down the lip.

Something a
condom can’t protect against.

Something to press down upon
the horny brakes.

A pause to make me ask,
“Am I really in love?”

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A Bridge Street Stroll performed and written by Aram Harijan

My February night self
Lit a cigarette
stared into the darkness of the sky
seeing nothing except light
uh… and also love.

Oh, Mother, Father!
By the infinite wisdom of your soul
have you brought
kindly life breath
narcoleptic puff.

Oh, Saroyan!
Did you cry for me
or was I hearing coincident
grandfather mustache laughter
childhood escapades?

Ah, Mystery…
Free young how innocently curious the soul
Beat suspending consciousness
Light beneath the Big Shadow
Why am I here?

Aram Harijan, writer in resident at Bridge Street Inn. Check out his poetry and essays at http://harijan.wordpress.com/

Disclaimer: The cigarette used in this art video is strictly a prop. The Bridge Street Inn is a smoke free facility.

The Six String by Federico Garcia Lorca

When browsing The Bridge Street Inn library you’ll find gems like the book, Poem of the Deep Song by Federico Garcia Lorca.  The collection of poems captures, “the passionate flamenco cosmos of Andalusia’s Gypsies, those mysterious wandering folk who gave deep song its definitive form.”

One of my favorite poems from the book is called The Six Strings.

Las Seis Cuerdas

La guitarra
hace llorar a los suenos.
El sollozo de las almas
se escapa por su boca
Y como la tarantula
teje una gran estrella
para cazar suspiros,
que flotan en su negro
aljibe de madera.

The Six Strings

The guitar
makes dreams weep.
The sobbing of lost
escapes through its round
And like the tarantula
it spins a large star
to trap the sighs
floating in its black,
wooden water tank.

A Poetic Description of The Bridge Street Inn Kitchen

Ken Roberts interviews Brandon Follett about The Bridge Street Inn kitchen.

Tourists flock to Scarecrows in Cambria, CA

Cambria Nursery Scarecrow

The last of the remaining scarecrows around Cambria are being put into storage.  You might be asking yourself does this mean all Cambria crows fly south for the winter?  The Cambria scarecrow’s life work is not to scare crows but to attract tourists every year around Halloween.  The scarecrows even have a website check out Scarecrow and Harvest Festival.

Shake the Pumkins

One scarecrow says to another
“My what a large head you have.”
The other doesn’t answer.
He’s missing a mouth.
They are guarding the corn
that fell from grandmother’s leg.
Corn that will be tilled
back into the earth,
watered and worshiped
in its time in exile.

One scarecrow says to another
“You’re falling down, my friend.”
Then realizes, he’s not falling
but dancing.
They both dance together.
Spinning around with outstretched arms.
They dance for the harvest
the moon and the stars,
shake the pumpkins like maracas
and fall to the floor.

A. Darling
Bridge Street Inn intern