Your Host

Anne and her protege

Anne and her protege

Introduction by Anne Wyatt, the creator and visionary of The Bridge Street Inn.

Hi All,
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is my absolute pleasure to send out this mass mailing with my greetings and to inform you that the little inn we all created together is in the trustworthy new hands of Brandon Follett. He is not only capable but also creative and charming in just the quirky light living way we would all have him be. We could not look for better hands to entrust the place. He comes to us from Boise, Idaho with songs he has written, my favorite, “Run run pig, run run.” He has a durable touring bike, an iPhone and his own cast iron set of pans. He knows how to play with technology and also bake a mean loaf of sourdough and is prepared to live on it and lentils, as necessary, if the house is not pretty full up.
Please stop by and say hi sometime and point out to him how lucky he is that you have done all the things you have done in and around the house and share a little history. Hit him up for some of his sourdough, reminding him it is the least of what you deserve, and offer him some jam and butter for the bread if he is looking excessively lean, please. If feeling brave and adventurous and you have a high speed internet connection, you might listen to “Run run pig run run” or check out Brandon’s video for making bread or lidsinks or see what other odd things he may be up to with the guests at the little inn at his website: Like with the last innkeeper, and maybe even a little more so, you will look at this guy and say to yourself, “huh, a bit kooky,” but you’ll find kooky has some charms, including making the little inn more extraordinarily friendly and welcoming than ever.
All my best and appreciation for the wild ride together with you all hosting the first ten thousand curious characters from just about everywhere. Welcome Brandon, and enjoy the next bunch. More rides ahead.  -anne

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